Growing up, I was a massive hoarder.

Like… keeping every single cellophane candy wrapper, school paper, ticket stub kind of hoarder.

I’ve literally been decluttering my space my entire life and learning how to enjoy my belongings without becoming too attached.

Now, I’d consider myself a recovering packrat, and I thought I was doing pretty well by having wayyyy less “stuff” in my home.

Then I started to learn about the art of decluttering, feng shui, and the energetics of your environment. SUPER powerful stuff. 

The woman I’m going to introduce you to today knows firsthand how organizing your space can lead to massive change in your life.

Sofia Alvim is a Professional Organizer (NAPO) and Life Coach, and with her help, clients release physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual clutter for good. 

If you’re wondering why that’s relevant to owning a business, let me just say – it’s the most relevant thing in the world.

I can say from personal experience (working with Sofia included!) that uncluttering your mind and environment are so key to living our most potent lives.

Let’s dive in and let her explain it so much better than I ever could 🙂


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Now, Sofia and I would LOVE to hear from you! In the comments below, tell us:

How does this new way of relating to clutter make you think about your space? Can you see how making small changes might lead you to find more money, happiness, ease, and flow?

In love and guts,


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