I’ve missed you!

Do you have the kind of friends where you can go months and months without speaking, but then you see each other and you can pick up exactly where you left off? I bet you do, because you're awesome and you probably have awesome friends, but even if you didn't - you do...

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How To Create A Purpose-Driven Manifesto

You know what really sucks? Trying to find your life's purpose. Even when you think you've found it, it can slip through your fingers in it's elusive manner just as easily. In today's episode of Soul Fire TV, I'm going to show you a way around that. I'm going to take...

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Transformation + Integration = Rock Your 2017!

I've been doing a lot of organizing of my home and space. It's felt like a perpetual declutter for years, in fact, because I'm constantly going through piles, weeding out what I want, and trying to overcome the sensation that I'm a huge packrat. Recently, I had a...

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Brands I LOVE: Purple

As business owners, we have rare insight into what makes businesses and brands stand out. We know how much work it takes to make something amazing - from the copy and content to the images and feel of a rockin' brand. As someone who helps other business owners with...

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Simple Steps To Get In Tune With Your Intuition

Our rewards system is all backwards. We say... Once I get the high grades, make the sale, or lose the weight... then I can really live. Only then can I "earn" the reward of riches, happiness, time for myself and my family. Really, though, the Angels are here to remind...

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Soul Fire TV: How To Create An Opt-In

Creating a stellar opt-in is one of the BEST ways to build your community and influence. If you do a good job at creating something of value, you'll also boost your Know, Love, and Trust factor so that your ideal clients are more likely to recommend you to their...

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Dear Friends

Dear Friends, And by friends - I do mean all of you, all over the world. I invite you today to choose curiosity. To choose love. Fear is a powerful thing. Fear of going hungry. Fear of not being loved. Fear of lack of worthiness. Fear of failure. Fear of being found...

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