Ep. 003: Mike Heiser and Creating 7-Figure Launches

I was at a media event in NYC with some of the top influencers in the entrepreneurial space when I was introduced to a guy named Mike. At first, I’ve gotta say I was a little intimidated. Mike works with TOP players, from people like Todd Herman to Amy...

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How to Schedule Your Facebook Live for More Views

I received lots of questions from readers on this post: How to grow your tribe with Facebook Live about how to schedule their Lives in advance + the best resources for creating amazing livestreams. So I decided to create a tutorial and give you a list of...

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Ep. 002: Hélène Scott and Brand Alignment

In the fall of 2016, I had dug myself into a pretty big pit of despair… and the ONLY reason I was able to climb out of it was through relationships, through asking for support, getting out of my living room, and starting to actually talk to people again....

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Growing Your Tribe With Facebook Live

Are you already spending a lot of time on Facebook? In groups? Posting updates? Scrolling your feed? Um… me too! And I used to get down on myself about it until I thought, “Why not incorporate this into a strategy that can help your business?” I promise...

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Ep. 001: Amber Lilyestrom and Permission to Launch

I'm SO excited to *finally* announce the release of the very first Launch Rebels Radio episode!! Happy dance!! You have no idea how long this has been in the making... But sometimes, the best things in life come after a long waiting period 😉 Without...

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3 Steps to Finding the Vibe of Your Tribe

I say it all the time - your vibe attracts your tribe. As a business owner, the people you attract to your business are so much more than just another number or subscriber on your list. Each one is a real person to connect with. It's a brand...

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