Kennebunk, ME – Southern Coast of Maine
Sunday, October 22 – Friday, October 27

Launch Alchemy™ Live is a 5-day, 5-night retreat on the beautiful coast of Maine where you’ll work on writing your program/service/course launch plan with brand + launch strategist Laura Sprinkle. You’ll also move your body and spark your creativity with personal trainer + yoga instructor Justin Smith. Get ready to explore the fall colors + oceanside cliffs, and…

Relax into all the possibilities of your profitable, powerful business.

Basically, this retreat is all about:

  • Sparking your intuition + creativity
  • Getting things done in a beautiful way
  • Inspiring talks, walks + people
  • Dropping into your body + listening
  • Coziness + connection
  • Support for your launch!

This is an intimate retreat with 8 participants, plenty of coaching and writing time, and an amazing opportunity to drop into your body + soul potential. We’ll be living, breathing, sweating + working alongside one another and creating lasting bonds + solid program launch plans.

Want in? Here are some As to the Qs you probably have:


Launch Alchemy™ Live will take place on the beautiful coast of Maine, where you’ll get to see the fall colors in their glory as well as the rocky cliffs that characterize the state.

Imagine fireplaces, fall leaves, fuzzy socks, and luxurious beach walks. We’ll be staying together in Kennebunk, ME – a spot known for its gorgeous scenery, delicious lobster, and friendly port-town feel.

With only 8 participants and 2 facilitators, you’ll leave with your Launch Blueprint mapped out, amazing connections, and a sense of purpose for your plans.


You should join us in Maine this fall if:

  • You have either: a course, program, book, or service you want to launch into the world for profit OR you have an idea of a course, program, book, or service you want to launch into the world for profit
  • You love the idea of getting away for a few days in a beautiful location to work on your business with a ton of inspiration
  • You’ve always wanted to see the fall colors of New England and this is the year you’re going to make it happen!
  • You love cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks and think the best way to enjoy them is in deep conversations with interesting people
  • You really want to make connections with amazing individuals who can support you + your business plans

Five relaxing days on the Maine coast is just plain good for the soul.

Walk away from Maine with your entire Launch Blueprint, mapped out and ready to ROCK.

You’ll have all of your launch materials, including:

  • Email sequences + invitations
  • Social media posts 
  • Opt-ins to attract your ideal customers
  • Your entire funnel planned out
  • New friends + potential referral partners
  • Headshots + photos for your graphics
  • A relaxed body, mind, and soul

So you’ll be super prepared to launch your book, product, course, or service with ease + flow, earning the revenue you want to and feeling good. No need to get stressed out during your launch, because you’ll literally have it all done beforehand!


Laura Sprinkle is a launch + brand strategist whose clients have included heart-centered entrepreneurs like publicity expert Selena Soo, soul-drive stylist Carrie Montgomery, run-away success brand to millennials Adulting Collective, sparkly health coach Heidi Symonds, and more.

As the founder of LAUNCH REBELLION, her favorite way to support entrepreneurs is by getting them to recognize that they can be most successful by being themselves and that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to bringing something new into the world.

She loves to disrupt traditional product and service launches and has been involved with everything ranging from someone’s first $500 up to million-dollar program launches.

You can learn more about Laura at LauraSprinkle.com and on Instagram at @imlaurasprinkle.


Justin Smith is a certified personal trainer, certified yoga instructor, and lifelong dinosaur enthusiast. (He also befriends strangers as a habit and has a 60% conversion rate at making lifelong friends out of them.)

He believes the point of fitness is to release stress, build confidence, and feel like a badass. It’s not about getting a “bikini body” or fitting into society’s expectations of how you’re “supposed” to look. It’s about energy, joy, and making you feel unstoppable.

Justin has been hired to design new workout programs and community / motivation programs for numerous fitness companies, including Firebrand Sports, StudioX, and Honest Training. He’s a music fanatic and loves creating epic workout playlists.

Learn more about Justin at YoureDoingAGreatJob.org, and find him on Instagram at @dinosaur.knuckles.


Sunday, Oct 22 – Friday, Oct 27

Sunday, October 22, 2017:

Fly into Portland International Jetport by 3pm and we’ll pick you up! We’ll travel to Kennebunk together, let you get settled in and sip your welcome mug of hot cider, and gather for a group dinner + ceremony around 5pm.

Monday, October 23 – Thursday, October 26, 2017:

Each day we’ll have an amazing breakfast + morning workout (led by Justin) to drop into our bodies and get ready for the day. Then we’ll have an hour-long workshop focused on each element of a launch (led by Laura), after which you can head off and get 4-5 hours of uninterrupted work time in. In the afternoon, we’ll head out on a group adventure in the area!

Friday, October 27, 2017:

Our final morning together will include a gorgeous breakfast spread, one last workout with Justin, and final goodbyes (with a goodie bag from Maine so you can take a piece home with you!). We’ll all head up to the Portland airport around 10:30am and you can fly out anytime in the afternoon – or we’ll drop you off if you want to enjoy a weekend in beautiful Portland, ME.

Also, all virtual bonus work will begin on Monday, October 9th and wrap-up by Thanksgiving – that’s six whole weeks of deep diving into your offer + launch plans! You’ll be super prepared to execute a fantastic launch and meet your goals.


Awake with golden light streaming into your private bedroom, wiggle your toes in your new fuzzy socks (that you found in your welcome goodie basket next to some maple candies), and begin your day with a huge smile.

Make your way downstairs to the breakfast buffet (fresh fruit, eggs cooked just right, cereal and yogurt, whatever your heart desires) and spend a few minutes chatting before getting ready for your morning workout with Justin. Move your body in a delicious way and get inspired for the day to come. Leave your mat feeling rejuvenated, nourished, and ready to write.

After your shower, we’ll all meet in the cozy livingroom and have an hour-long workshop with Laura on creating an epic sales page that sings to your ideal clients and leaves them SO excited to work with you. After workshopping with the group, you’ll get a few hours to tuck into a private corner and spell out all the details of your page.

If you get stuck on what language to use, you can go sit with Laura and talk it out. If you feel in the zone and want to hunker down and get it done, that’s totally cool too. By the end of the session you’ll have your sales page ready to rock, and even if it needs a few tweaks you’ll have plenty of time to send it over for review.

Now that we’ve moved and worked, it’s time to PLAY! We’ll pile into the cars, put our sweatshirts on, and go on an adventure to see the spectacular coastal colors from the ocean. This is the time when you’ll make connections to last a lifetime with the beautiful people on the trip.

In the evening, you’ll come back to a delicious meal, some warming nighttime yoga, a cup of a hot cider and a comfy bed. You’ll realize that you want your whole life to be setup this way – with plenty of inspiring work, incredible conversation, and lots and lots of playtime 🙂 

Everything is set up for you + your success with no distractions of dishes, laundry, or any work that feels boring.

Though the details are subject to change and we’ll be doing different activities each day, this is literally what each day will feel like. Yeah, it’s going to be that good!


The total investment for Launch Alchemy™ Live Retreat is $4,800 and it includes pretty much everything besides your flight! All meals, rooms, group adventures, and launch strategy + coaching are included – all you have to do is get your cute little booty to Portland, ME before 3pm on October 22 and we’ll whisk you away to cozy heaven!

Ready? You can sign up right here with a $500 deposit (to be taken off of the total cost, and you can choose between several payment plans for the remainder).

More details on what’s included:

  • Lodging – Your own private bedroom for 5 relaxing nights
  • Meals – Breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day (except for 1 lunch where you’ll have time to explore all the amazing places in cute downtown Kennebunk!)
  • Fitness – 5 workouts (one each morning) with Justin (certified personal trainer + yoga instructor + all-around badass!)
  • Alchemical Launch Workshops – Workshops based on each of the Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) with Laura in order to inspire your launch plans and leave you feeling excited for your profitable launch
  • On-the-Spot Coaching – Hit a snag while you’re working? Want to have Laura review your sales emails? She’ll be around and available pretty much 24/7 for 1:1 coaching during your time in Maine
  • Afternoon Adventures – Apple picking, lobster boating + more (we’ll surprise ya!)
  • Powerful Photo Shoot Session – Want some new pics that represent you + your brand as you launch your offer into the world? We’ve got you covered!
  • 1-Hour Relaxing Massage – In the treetops of the ultimate luxury spa in Maine!
  • Goodie Bags – Upon arrival + when you leave we’ll give you a little taste of Maine 🙂
  • Sleeptime Yoga – 5 nighttime yoga routines with Justin surrounded by candles and good vibes
  • Tidbits – Hot apple cider each evening after yoga to tuck you into bed, maple candies on your pillow, a gorgeous journal to write notes in
  • Pre-Playtime – Before we ever meet up in person we’ll already get to know each other and start your launch plans through Zoom coaching sessions beginning 2 weeks before the retreat!
  • Post-Playtime – After you depart you’ll continue to receive support for your launch for 4 more weeks (you can even send your materials to Laura for review!)

Interested but have questions? We want to make sure that this is the right fit for you + your launch situation. If you’d like to schedule a chat with Laura, you can do so here.


The coast of Maine in the fall is a beautiful temperature, ranging from sunny but cool days to chilly nights where you’ll want to warm up with a cozy sweater. You should bring anything that will make this a fabulous experience, but here are some general ideas:

  • Sweaters, sweatpants, and fuzzy socks
  • Workout bottoms + tops
  • One hiking/outdoor outfit
  • One nice outfit (for a fabulous dinner together!)
  • Rain jacket + heavier jacket if you tend to get cold
  • Your computer + charger
  • Anything you need to work on your project


Fly to Portland International Jetport (PWM) in Portland, Maine by 3pm on Sunday, October 22. We’ll have a car ready and waiting to whisk you away to our cozy coastal heaven! We’ll return you to the airport by 11am on Friday, October 27, so you can fly out anytime in the afternoon.

Live close enough to drive? We’ll be in touch after you sign up to give you directions, but the same timeframe of Oct 22 at 3pm to Oct 27 at 11am applies 🙂


The sacred container for our work together begins the moment you sign up and we take that very seriously. There are no cancellations or refunds for this retreat so please make your decision using heart + head. The dates are: Sunday, Oct 22, 2017 to Friday, Oct 27, 2017.

Interested but have questions? We want to make sure that this is the right fit for you + your launch situation. If you’d like to schedule a chat with Laura, you can do so here.


Laura, I just want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart. This INFLUENCE launch was one of our best launches ever from an execution standpoint. Because you took such great care of all the details, I was able to simultaneously launch a high-end mastermind and help Danielle LaPorte turn her latest book into a bestseller.  If I was being bogged down in the details of INFLUENCE, I wouldn’t have been able to give those other important projects my all. Just wanted you to know how appreciative I am, Laura. Sending you lots of love & my sincerest thanks!
– Selena Soo, Publicity Expert

– – –

After I broke my fibula, Justin came over to my apartment, brought a gigantic sandwich, and told me everything was going to be OK. Then, for months, he designed special workouts that I could do while hopping around on one leg. That’s the kind of dedication and creativity that Justin delivers as a personal trainer. All his clients know that he’s so much more than ‘a fitness guy.’ He’s a confidante, a cheerleader, and the type of person who makes you believe that you can do anything. Hire him and you’ll see.
– Alexandra Franzen, Published Author + Writing Teacher

– – –

Laura makes me think more in-depth about my business. I am getting more of the nuts and bolts taken care of, grinding into the creative pieces, sorting the junk in parts that were too fluffy and not clearly identified, and overall viewpoint feels more solid. Laura gives me a wider spectrum to consider. In the past, when I ran into a snag, I pulled back, went into a bit of a panic, and couldn’t seem to get my grounding point. Because of the push-pull of her technique, I didn’t feel like I had to apologize for the hiccup, I got back on track quickly with her support, and moved on. Laura encourages getting it down on paper, staying connected with the group, entices with a big smile, and shows by example. She’s working right along side me, on her own stuff, while sharing incredible insight along the way. So invaluable! 
– Paula Hill, Empath-Psychic Reader

– – –

I feel so honored to have had Justin as a coach/trainer. As a person who has worked out my entire life, along with playing sports, I have been exposed to many coaches along the way and Justin is a diamond in the rough. What makes Justin so special is his ability to motivate and push you as an individual both physically and mentally. Sometimes it seems our biggest critic is ourselves—Justin is able to inject you with positivity and confidence in order to drive you to become stronger, faster and an all around better person. You can count on Justin to bring energy and focus 100% of the time. His customized encouragement and catch phrases will inspire you and make you feel like a total badass!
– Laura Scwaab

– – –

Laura brought such positive energy to her work with me. Since I was working with her on my very first baby step out into the world of personal/professional websites, it would have been easy to feel overwhelmed. But she kept things simple and the flow of information at a level I could process, and she was always incredibly responsive to my questions and concerns. I went from saying I was going to figure it all out “one day” to simply having it done so I can focus on the work that most lights me up. And I feel empowered around how to make my own changes moving forward.
– Kendra Cover, Sensual Body Coach

– – –

Justin not only coached me through killer fat-blasting workouts, he did something that no other trainer had done for me, he changed my mentality around fitness. Justin taught me that ‘exercise is not a punishment for what you eat, it is a celebration of what your body can do.’ Now I see the time I spend working out as a privilege rather than a chore. I lost weight, I sleep better, I have more energy, I have more confidence, and I feel better in my body. Thank you Justin for changing my mindset and helping me achieve my goals.
– Brittany Bennet

– – –

Laura is such a passionate and soulful leader. She has an amazing talent for pulling the light out of those who have kept it hidden. I’ve had the amazing honor of watching her step into her own power in the most graceful and authentic way.
– Jenn Scalia, Business Strategist

– – –

Just had a session with Laura and she’s absolutely AMAZING!!! I can’t believe I’ve been getting lost in overwhelm for so long and she helped me realize what I should be doing right now to execute success! Totally one of my best coaching sessions I’ve ever had! I’ll be recommending her to all of my entrepreneur friends!
– Lynn Mendolsohn, Wellness Entrepreneur


Through Launch Alchemy™ Live, we’re committed to sponsoring girls’ education with She’s the First, an amazing organization dedicated to providing girls around the globe with the means and mentorship to get to graduation day.

Your investment in yourself, your business, and your future is also an investment in them, their education, and their future. It’s a circle that keeps on giving around the world.

– – –

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